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Our child safety seats constitute true integrated protection systems and are manufactured according to the principles of continuous innovation and relentless research, in order to achieve maximum performance in terms of absolute safety and reliability.

italian style italian style

italian style

Thanks to the designs of Christian Grande, who has envisaged the colours and contours of our most distinguished collections, the technologies that we use to protect our children have now taken on a look of pure Italian elegance and style.

comfort comfort


One of the most fundamental requirements for a child safety seat is the comfort that it is capable of providing while traveling. Throughout its entire product range, Kiwy makes use of hypoallergenic and breathable fabrics, as well as seat adjustment systems that can be customized based on the height and the physical characteristics of the child, in order to ensure maximum comfort.

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collezione alia collezione alia

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The company The company

The company

With a wide range of products, including numerous models that can be adapted to satisfy various requirements, Kiwy is an Italian company that’s devoted to children’s safety, with a particular passion for elegance and an obsession for quality.


materials research materials research

materials research

A veritable workshop, in which the best fabrics and leathers are chosen and artfully processed, and a laboratory in which the most high-performance plastics are selected and tested. For industry-leading elegance, exceptional quality and guaranteed reliability.

SA-ATS-system SA-ATS-system

SA-ATS System

An invention that mitigates the effects of an impact upon the child. A truly integrated protection mechanism that actively responds in order to reduce the risks.



A highly advanced research and development laboratory at the forefront of technology, innovation and patenting, which is geared towards producing high-tech accessories for ensuring the complete safety of our children.


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